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Dry Eye Treatments

Living with it: Practical lifestyle modifications

Before looking at more invasive options, like punctal plugs consider these general tips on dealing with Dry Eye by the leading Dry Eye doctor Philadelphia.

  • Good hydration – drink plenty of water, reducing caffeine intake

  • Environmental control (humidify your life, minimize impact of heat & a/c by turning down, redirecting vents etc)

  • Eyewear, e.g. Panoptx (day), Tranquileyes (night)

  • Identify and replace (if possible) medications which are causing or exacerbating dry eye

  • Employ pain management techniques as necessary

  • Modify activities

For additional options see the links below or call our offices.

  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) 

    • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) is an effective and painless treatment that targets the root cause of some forms of dry eye by delivering pulses of light to the area surrounding the eyes. This enables the meibomian glands to resume their vital moisturizing function for long-term dry eye relief and treatment.

  • Hot Compresses for Dry Eye

    • Hot compress eye masks provide relief to those suffering from dry eye disease and can also be used to treat blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.

  • How To Use a Warm Compress Correctly For Dry Eye

    • Mild to moderate dry eye symptoms can be relieved at home with the use of warm eye compresses. 

  • Vitamins and Foods That Relieve Dry Eye Syndrome

    • If your eyes feel gritty or itchy, you likely have dry eye syndrome. Here are a few ways your can enhance your diet for eye comfort and health.

  • Punctal Plugs and Intracanalicular Plugs

    • An introduction to plugs including concepts, materials, designs, duration.

  • Treating Lacrimal (aqueous) Deficiency

    • Traditional "first-line" treatment for dry eye, while evolving rather noticeably these days, basically still revolves around the concept of plug-n-drop. No matter what the actual diagnosis (aqueous deficiency vs. meibomian gland dysfunction) this seems to be the default treatment. There are infinite variations according to the preferences of the physician. Some doctors may favor more plugging and less dropping, others may favor dropping and no plugging, some like steroids and some don't, some are big Restasis fans and others aren't. But in some form or another, before any other dry eye treatment, you're sure to be given some drops and/or have plugs placed in your tear ducts.

  • Eye Drops for Dry Eyes: Why You Should See Your Eye Doctor

    • We know that for those with dry eye syndrome, finding relief is a priority. Here’s why a visit with a dry eye optometrist will provide longer-lasting relief than searching through the aisles of your neighborhood drug store

  • Dry Eye Spa

    • Your eyes deserve some special treatment too! Nostalgic Dry Eye Spa offers a relaxing dry eye spa treatment to get your eyes feeling rejuvenated.

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